Terrace Communities holds true to the philosophy that "We can teach a caring person skills, but we cannot teach a skilled person to care." Our hiring practices reinforce this philosophy as we include more than the skill set that someone comes to the table with. Acknowledging the true essence of a person, is what we hope to experience from our first initial contact and as he or she becomes Terrace Communities. At each of our locations, we understand that it takes each and every person to make our communities successful. While the roles and responsibilities may differ, every person is vitally important within their position and no more or less important than another.

We constantly strive to create an opportunity for individuals to become part of a comprehensive team, to challenge him or her to go beyond the status quo. Our continuous quality focus enables employees to have a direct impact on the environment they work within.

Employees are routinely recognized for their hard work, dedication, and ability to think outside the box. Fostering an environment that promotes self-development on a personal and professional level, our communities, strive to create ample opportunities. From educational seminars on leadership, senior health, and Alzheimer's disease, individuals are constantly raising their own personal standard which raises the collective bar within each community. Personal accomplishments are a success worth recognizing.

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