Rates vary by room type, level of care, and location. Please inquire at the community. There are no buy-ins or entry fees.

The following services are included in the monthly rate:

  • Apartment
  • Dining
  • Activities and entertainment
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Weekly laundry, linen and housekeeping service
  • Maintenance and in-house moving service
  • Cable TV service
  • Phone service (except Tequesta Terrace)
  • Wireless internet service
  • Utilities
  • Medication management
  • Some care

Based upon health assessments, additional tiers of care and medication management are available as needed, including the option of private duty care for those who seek some extra one-on-one attention.

When seniors seek help with the activities of daily living, many residents and their families find that living at Terrace Communities is a more practical, affordable and desirable solution than other alternatives. It is very difficult to match the quality, reliability, benefits and comprehensive nature of our round-the-clock care, services and amenities.

  senior living floor plans available at .
  senior living floor plans available at .