Assisted living at Terrace Communities

Assisted Living

Our elegantly appointed communities encourage a unique lifestyle: independent and carefree living in your own lovely apartment and our beautiful common areas.

Terrace Communities is perfect for those who no longer desire to take care of a home, who do not wish to live with their children or, perhaps, just want the peace of mind they get by knowing that there will always be someone available to help them night or day.

Residents may choose from several styles of apartments and studios, as well as services and amenities to suit their needs.

Terrace Communities offers a full program of community activities, creating an ideal setting for building friendships and developing interests and hobbies. Our residents may choose to participate in daily social activities and entertainment, enjoy the companionship of fellow residents, staff, and visitors, or simply relax in the comfort of one’s own apartment. We encourage residents to live an independent and engaged lifestyle, while ensuring that our assistance is always available.

To learn more about our accommodations, activities, entertainment, and community life, visit each location's website.